We believe…

… that as a matter of principle the United Kingdom should leave the European Union. The EU and its predecessor organizations were intended from the start to lead to a supranational government for their members, one which transcended and supplanted national governments and which was designed to destroy the independence of nation states. The ‘European project’ is explicitly and deliberately anti-democratic, transferring power to a technocratic, unelected and unaccountable Commission in Brussels. All this is evident from the documentary record. What is less evident, but still well-documented, is that the leaders of the ‘project’, realizing that overt discussion of the intended goal would excite popular opposition, early on determined on a policy of deception. They would pretend at each step towards political union that they were simply rationalizing benign mechanisms to underpin successive commercial or practical intergovernmental relationships.

The ‘European project’ is built on contempt for the people and the peoples of Europe.

These characteristics are embedded fundamentally in the history, the culture and most importantly the binding legal treaties underpinning the EU and to which the UK is a signatory. No ‘renegotiation’ or variation of these features is possible within the legal structure of the EU. Those who argue otherwise, including our Prime Minister, are either totally ignorant of the reality or — worse — complicit in the continuing process of deceiving the British people.

Economics, trade, immigration, social and employment policy: all are important issues affected by our relationship with the EU. But the key issue is sovereignty. Only by exit from the EU can the UK retrieve the power to govern itself through a democratic and accountable representative assembly.

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