The case for leaving the EU transcends party politics. The original campaign against Britain’s continuing membership — Edward Heath having denied the people a say in the decision to join — was led by a broad spectrum of political figures, from Tony Benn on the left to Enoch Powell on the right. To win the forthcoming referendum will require a similarly broad coalition, embracing those whose normal political opinions and attitudes may be opposed.

Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader of the Labour Party is significant. This is not because he apparently voted No in the 1975 referendum, nor because he may apparently be persuaded to advocate a vote to Leave this time. No, we believe there are two conclusions to draw.

One is that politics matters again, and that politics will matter more once our ‘leaders’ recover the power to act in the interests of the British people. The other is that Corbyn’s election expresses a repudiation of politics, and politicians, as we have known them in recent decades. Insofar as it was they and their like who signed us up to this in the first place, this can only be (mildly) encouraging.

The campaign to leave must not only be broadly-based, it must be anti-establishment too.

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