The European ‘project’ has been built on deception for more than 70 years. From the beginning (long before the Second World War), Jean Monnet, Arthur Salter and others aimed to create a new form of government for a united Europe: one which transcended national legislatures and which would progressively suck the power from nation states, which they believed were outmoded, and eventually destroy them. This new European government would be technocratic, elitist and non-democratic. It would not need to be responsive to the wishes of its ‘citizens’; nor would it be accountable to them: they believed that ‘popular democracy’ was one of the main causes of the crises of the first half of the 20th century.

These founders of the European Union ran into some major setbacks later, as people began to realize the implications of their policies. Consequently they decided to proceed by deception: first, by proceeding step-wise, denying any fundamental unitary goal; second, by pretending that they were simply creating a ‘Common Market’, a free-trade area of sovereign cooperating states. This was a lie.

Edward Heath was guilty of the deception of the British people in two respects. His election manifesto in 1970 promised, in respect of the ‘Common Market’, “Our sole commitment is to negotiate; no more, no less”. But in 1972, without further consultation of the British people, Heath’s government passed the European Communities Act 1972 which paved the way for British entry into the EC. In the subsequent February 1974 General Election he continued to argue that Britain had joined what was simply a free-trade economic arrangement. This was despite the fact that henceforth all UK legislation, including primary legislation (Acts of Parliament) would have effect “subject to” directly applicable EU Law.

The European Union is built on deception and on contempt for the people and the peoples of Europe.

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