There is a febrile atmosphere around the broad pro-Leave constituency. Different groups and spokesmen are jockeying for position and announcing their ‘campaigns’. This is all rather predictable.

Under PPERA 2000, the Electoral Commission will in due course designate lead campaign organisation(s) for the referendum. The successful groupings will receive many benefits: public (ie taxpayer) funding; personal profile and publicity for their leaders; the opportunity to parlay formal designation into future commercial profit.
It is frustrating to see these distractions. They do not impact on what matters.

In the real world, the majority of the electorate are ignorant of the true nature of the EU, and at present seem largely indifferent to the issues involved in the referendum. The coming two years will require calm, consistent and determined work: to bypass the political froth, present the true nature of our membership of the EU, elaborate the argument for leaving, and mobilise a broad and irresistible constituency in favour of a positive, outward-looking and independent Britain.

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