The heir to Blair now has his own dodgy dossier:

“We have secured a new settlement to give the United Kingdom special status in the European Union.”

No you haven’t. It’s not secured. It’s dependent on future Treaty change. Angela Merkel is recorded as saying, “We do not know if we ever will have a change of [the Treaties]”. François Hollande has said “Il n’y a pas eu de dérogation aux règles du marché unique, il n’y a pas de révision prévue des traités” (There is no exemption from the rules of the Single Market, no change forseen to the Treaties).

Again: “The reforms we have secured in this negotiation… are legally binding and cannot be unpicked without our agreement and that of every other EU country. ”

That’s not true either. They are not legally binding. The “Heads of State or Government of the Member States of the EU” cannot commit the European Union to a future Treaty.

Cameron and company are clearly so desperate to deceive the British people that they go so far as to lie to us. Will nobody challenge this contempt?

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