A mess of pottage

Could… could… could… Might… might… might…

We have referred before to the unpredictability of the future. Nevertheless, Cameron’s Project Fear persists in predictions of possible gloom and doom… death and disaster… plagues of frogs and locusts…

Today’s so-called analysis by the Treasury of the long-term economic impact of EU membership and the alternatives has been thoroughly — and rightly — trashed. But it is important that the debate should not get bogged down in trivial arguments over possible percentage points of GDP decades in the future. That is to play the Remain game. The economic argument is a a deliberate distraction and an attempt to ramp up the fear.

This is not what this referendum is about. It is about on whom we confer — temporarily and conditionally — the power to govern us. And it is about whether they have, or have had, the right to sell our birthright as free-born Britons.

“I know not whether those who did our Rights betray,
And for a mess of Pottage,
sold away our dear bought freedoms,
shall now trusted be as conservators of our Libertie”

Benjamin Keach 1689


1 thought on “A mess of pottage

  1. Thank you so much for your work……… always worth reading!

    As to the coulds, mights, possibles….. once one becomes aware of the trick, one finds it everywhere! And one realises one is being taken for a fool.


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