Big yellow taxi

For most Britons, life is not too bad; for some, it’s doubtless quite comfortable. So we can understand that the referendum does not engage everyone’s close interest.

If the polls are correct, about one third of Britons are generally in favour of continued membership of the European Union; one third are opposed; and the remainder are undecided. And two-thirds may not vote in any case. Vague and mendacious references to trade, GDP and household prosperity may sway waverers; but arguments about sovereignty may seem too abstract and distant.

Until it’s too late.

We have progressively and substantially ceded the power to govern our own affairs to the European Union. This process cannot be reversed as long as we remain ‘member states’. Unless we extricate ourselves from this outmoded and anti-democratic structure, British citizens will in the end discover — when it really finally matters — that we are powerless to control our own future.

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone

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